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Erasing the Stigma of the Debt Collection Agency


Let’s face it. Nobody likes to get those envelopes in the mail stamped with “PAST DUE” in big, red letters for all the world to see. No one enjoys fielding those embarrassing phone calls at home or work. 


Essentials of Broadcast Marketing


The allocation of marketing resources is one of the most essential parts of developing a successful marketing strategy. Understanding the effectiveness of the various means by which you reach your audience is key to developing a strategy that not only delivers results, but does so in the most efficient way possible. Because of its flexibility, broadcast marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re maximising the effectiveness of your marketing budget.


Protecting Your Data: Security Tokens and Two-Factor Authentication


As the frequency of online activities broadens in depth and scope, security of personal data becomes more important to consumers.  Headlines about the theft of highly-sensitive data appear in the news almost on a weekly basis, and customers want to know that their information is being handled with the utmost care. ReachTEL helps companies secure customer data using techniques involving security tokens and two-factor authentication.  


What are security tokens?

Mobile Marketing Trends: What’s New for Mobiles in Australia?


The rapid advancement of smartphones has opened new and exciting channels for advertisers.  Now that the devices have become a mainstay with corporate and individual buyers, interesting mobile marketing trends are beginning to develop.  In Australia specifically, more than 60% of ad requests are coming from smartphone devices.  


Campbell Newman bucks trend in Ashgrove

ReachTEL has conducted a poll of 622 residents in the Ashgrove electorate. We asked a series of questions including primary and two-party voting intention, support for Mr Newman as Premier and support for the local member.

ALP primary vote halves in Lytton as Paul Lucas departs

ReachTEL has conducted a poll of 369 residents in the state electorate of Lytton. This seat is currently held by the ALP with Bligh government Minister Paul Lucas to vacate the seat at the next election. We asked a series of questions including primary and two-party voting intention and asked people to rate the performance of current member and potential Premier Campbell Newman.

How Customer Communications Helps in Enterprise Resource Planning

All businesses communicate with current and potential customers on a daily basis.  Any time a person communicates with a representative of a company, information of all kinds is logged into software, typically referred to as CRM (customer record management) software.