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Market research solutions have existed for decades but imagine being able to ask thousands of people their thoughts on virtually any topic in an afternoon? ReachTEL has developed a unique automated market research solution that is capable of delivering those results in a matter of minutes. Unlike traditional human based telephone surveys our voice broadcast technology is fully automated to significantly reduce unit costs, eliminate lead-time, decrease the margin of error and increase the statistical validity of your research.


"The Newspoll and ReachTEL results averaged over the same period give identical results – but underneath, taking account of timeliness – the polls tell a completely different story. [The ReachTEL poll] is an accurate reflection of current Qld voter behaviour and the dynamics involved, the other is just bad analysis." 

- Scott "Pollytics" Steel - Crickey political commentator

"If the ReachTEL polls are correct then Labor will be lucky to win any seats. Other polling does not support such a result."

- Antony Green - ABC election analyst three months before Queensland Labor won only seven out of eighty-nine seats.


"A good example of ReachTEL’s recent performance was the Melbourne state by-election, in which it got the Green vote correct to within 1.6 points and the Labor vote correct to within 3.2 points, off a sample of only 403 voters and for a kind of electoral event that is extremely challenging to poll for."

- Dr Kevin Bonham - Research Associate at The University of Tasmania

What is it?

It's simple - using our voice broadcast solutions we automatically telephone your desired audience and ask a series of questions using a pre-recorded script. Recipients respond to questions using their telephone keypad or via voice response for later transcription and analysis. Questions can be as simple as yes or no type answers, "on a scale of 1 to 10", customised answers ("press 1 for green, 2 for gold") or even detailed voice recordings like a voicemail service.

Our automated market research technology allows you to vary the structure of questions based on previous answers or information already known about the recipient. This gives our customers the unique ability to drill down into the captured results and harness a greater understanding of the target audience. The only limit is your imagination!

Unquestionable accuracy

ReachTEL market research has been put to the toughest test - predicting Federal Politics. Unlike other market research companies, we had complete confidence in our results to publicly release polling data for nine key electorates on the night before the 2010 Federal election. The results turned out to be stunningly accurate with eight out of the nine seats correctly called with two massive upsets that our competitors missed. Since then, the amazing accuracy of the platform has been further demonstrated in the South Australian and Victorian elections.

Near-zero lead time

Traditional market research can take weeks to setup and often time is of the essence. With ReachTEL voice broadcast technology, market research campaigns can be scripted, executed and reported on in a matter of hours. Now you can capture the public response to events as they happen.

Market research for the little guys as well

Traditionally reserved for large multi-nationals, our service is so affordable that the smallest of business can run research campaigns. Knowledge is power and knowing what your target audience is thinking is an incredibly powerful tool. Research campaigns can run for less than a few hundred dollars and provide an invaluable insight into your current and prospective target markets. Protect the investment in your small business by conducting research before large capital expenditures on advertising, rebranding, expansion or franchise purchases.

100 or 100,000 results

The unique nature of this voice broadcast technology gives you the power to survey a small customer base or the entire nation. We can provide target data down to the street, suburb, postcode or state level and we can also use your own database to contact. ReachTEL has the capacity on stand by to get the job done, when you need it.

Results as and when you need it

We can provide detailed statistical analysis or raw response data in virtually any format. Our in-house statisticians can analyse the results and provide a detailed report outlining all facets of the campaign. The results data can be exported on a question-by-question basis so follow up interviews or sales calls can be made. Don't be restricted by flashy presentations or simplistic percentage breakdowns - use your results!

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