15 May 2012

SMS Consumer Market Research from Scratch

With the right approach, SMS consumer market research can be so reliable and simple that it nearly defies the traditional concept of research, something traditionally fraught with difficulty and uncertainty. Yet it can be difficult to apply traditional understanding to the new medium of mobile SMS consumer market research.

12 May 2012

10 Best Practices for SMS Marketing Opt-ins

SMS marketing opt-ins are like airport security. Necessary to get in, but no fun. Unfortunately for SMS marketers, the mobile opt-in form is a lot easier to sidestep than airport security. If your opt-in doesn’t work, people just leave and forget. SMS marketing campaigns entail a big challenge: to get people to fill out forms.

At the heart of a good SMS marketing campaign are simple, intuitive and well-designed mobile opt-in forms.

12 May 2012

Advantages of Voice Broadcasting Services

With the increasing popularity of SMS marketing and email marketing technology, why would businesses use voice broadcasting services instead?

Not many businesses consider this simple question. If I were sending this message to a friend, would I email it, text it, or leave a voice message? Most businesses have a preferred medium that they habitually use and they “haven’t gotten around” to trying out the other options. 

25 April 2012

Graham Quirk takes substantial lead over Ray Smith in Mayoral race

Last night ReachTEL polled the Brisbane City Council area to find out who the voters wanted to be the Mayor of Australia's largest municipality. With over a thousand people participating in the survey, current Lord Mayor Graham Quirk had very comfortable lead with over double the vote of the next candidate, Ray Smith from the ALP.

24 April 2012

Voters concerned with LNP majority in South Brisbane

With the South Brisbane by-election to be held this Saturday, we asked voters who they'd vote for and if there was any concern with the size of the LNP's majority in State Parliament. The ALP primary vote has picked up 5.3 percentage points since the election. In all, 45% of people indicated they were less likely to vote for the LNP because of the massive majority.

26 March 2012

Barry O'Farrell - One year on in NSW

On the eve of Barry O'Farrell's one year anniversary of becomming New South Wales Premier, ReachTEL conducted a six-question survey of 1,597 residents on the night of the 21st March 2012. The results were commissioned by Network TEN and broadcast exclusively on TEN News Sydney.

22 March 2012

Campbell Newman regains lead over Jones in Ashgrove

In our final poll for Ashgrove, Campbell Newman has turned around months of losses to lead the primary vote by 8.2 percentage points. With over 900 residents in the sample, Mr Newman has a clear lead in the two party preferred race with 54.2% to Kate Jones' 45.8%.