23 August 2012

Newman support update: Sandgate, Townsville & Brisbane Central

ReachTEL conducted a six-question survey of residents in the Queensland State electorates of Sandgate, Townsville and Brisbane Central on the night of 22nd August 2012.

21 August 2012

Newman cops battering in State poll - Nine News Brisbane

ReachTEL conducted a five-question survey of 1,131 Queensland residents on the night of 17th August 2012. The poll was commissioned by Nine News Brisbane.

7 August 2012

Campbell Newman's support in Ashgrove slips 9 percentage points

ReachTEL conducted a five-question survey of 661 residents of the Queensland State electorate of Ashgrove on the night of 6th August 2012.

18 July 2012

Preferences the key for The Greens in the Melbourne by-election

ReachTEL conducted a three-question survey of 403 residents in the Victorian state seat of Melbourne on the night of 16th July 2012.

5 July 2012

Constituents don't want Craig Thomson in Dobell

ReachTEL conducted a five-question survey of 646 residents in the New South Wales Federal electorate of Dobell on the night of 3rd July 2012.

3 July 2012

Campbell Newman's first 100 days - LNP increases lead over Labor

Last night ReachTEL conducted a poll of 1,051 across the state of Queensland to mark the first 100 days of the Campbell Newman led Liberal National Party Government. It showed the LNP has increased its primary vote to 56.5% - an increase of 6.9 percentage points since the March election. Most of this gain has come at the expense of Labor which has slipped 4.9 percentage points to 21.8%. Over half of those polled supported the the LNP move to reduce the size of the public service to help pay back debt.

29 June 2012

Andrew Wilkie well clear in Denison while Labor vote halves

In conjunction with The Australian, ReachTEL conducted a four-question survey of 644 residents in the Tasmanian Federal electorate of Denison on the night of the 27th June 2012. The results showed that Andrew Wilkie is well clear having doubled his primary vote since the 2010 Federal Election. In the same period, Labor has halved their primary vote thus avoiding the three-way race that occured at the election.