1 June 2011

Ashgrove Polling - Campbell Newman vs Kate Jones

Last night ReachTEL conducted a poll into the state seat of Ashgrove. We asked voters a number of questions related to preferred Premier and which candidate is most deserved of the seat. In total there were over 433 responses across the electorate.

13 June 2011

Small Business Email Marketing for Beginners

For business owners just starting their online marketing efforts, the internet can seem very daunting. Should a company do search marketing, article marketing, placement advertising on specific pages through banner ads or some combination of them? Is email marketing more effective or is the ROI just as high with other methods?

20 June 2011

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Market Research

When it comes to information about a target market, quantitative market research is typically better than the quality or depth of the information obtained. Older methods of collecting data usually probe deeper; however, this comes at a higher cost and the extra information obtained may be of little or no actionable value. ReachTEL offers companies the ability to reach the maximum number of potential customers at competitive costs to get the valuable data they need to grow.

27 June 2011

How Debt Collection Solutions Makes Your Life Easier

Debt collection is a tricky business even for companies that specialise in the service. A great amount of effort can be put forth with little to no success. This is the norm for the collections industry, and businesses waste millions chasing individuals who ignore or evade creditors at every turn. ReachTEL is changing that norm by offering cutting edge debt collection software solutions for business.

23 June 2011

Same-Sex Marriage Poll

Last night ReachTEL conducted a poll across Queensland on a number of issues including same-sex marriage, pricing carbon and practical driving tests for elderly drivers. In total there was over a thousand respondents. Today we are releasing the same-sex marriage results. Over the coming days we will release the results for the other topics.

24 June 2011

Should drivers over the age of 80 face mandatory practical tests?

Hot on the heels of yesterdays same-sex marriage poll, today we are releasing the results on the topic of mandatory practical tests for drivers over the age of 80. All in all, we surveyed over a thousand people across the state of Queensland. Next week we will release the results for our carbon price question.

9 June 2011

Capture Customer Interest with Voice Message Broadcasts

You know your target audience. You’ve carefully researched the customers most likely to use your product or service: those who’ve never heard of you (yet!), or repeat customers eager to hear what’s new. All you have to do is get the word out. 


What’s the fastest, least expensive, most effective way to communicate? And even more perplexing, once you’ve reached out and ‘touched’ someone, how do they reach out and ‘touch’ back with a minimum of hassle?