09 Feb 2012

SMS Marketing Campaigns, Meet Gamification

More than most fields, the area of marketing is prone to endless inventions and reinventions of trends—each of which is breathlessly promised to be

08 Feb 2012

Email and SMS Marketing in Compliance with the 2003 Spam Act

When setting up an SMS broadcast or email-based campaign for targeted marketing efforts, companies often fear running afoul of Australian spam laws

07 Feb 2012

Sales Tips for SMS Marketing: How to Not Sound Like a Robot

Before launching an effective SMS marketing campaign, ReachTEL is there to guide you in prerequisite planning phases and the setti

09 Jan 2012

How to Make Business SMS Work for You

Individuals are inundated with real time communication efforts, including notifications and status updates from retail purchase points to social me

02 Jan 2012

Essentials of Broadcast Marketing

The allocation of marketing resources is one of the most essential parts of developing a successful marketing strategy.

17 Dec 2011

Mobile Marketing Trends: What’s New for Mobiles in Australia?

The rapid advancement of smartphones has opened new and exciting channels for advertisers.

01 Dec 2011

Can SMS Broadcasting Really Change the Way You Do Business?

Building a strong and connected customer base is key to the success of your business.

18 Sep 2011

The Importance of Good Customer Correspondence

It’s not uncommon to hear people wax nostalgic for the days when towns were mostly made up of small, locally owned businesses.

10 Sep 2011

The Keys to Effective Customer Communication

Success in business simply isn’t possible if you’re not connecting with your customer base in a meaningful way.

02 Sep 2011

Mobile Marketing Trends: Don’t Miss the SMS Broadcast Bandwagon!

In today’s business world, marketing trends come and go. Some are fads, while others will stand the test of time.