As a marketing professional, you need the most accurate and comprehensive consumer research data possible. Not only do you need the best data, you need to obtain it in the most cost-effective manner possible to compete in today’s tough economy. Therefore, selecting a company to conduct your market research can be a difficult task. Even in a crowded market, however, choosing market research companies doesn’t have to be difficult if you know what to look for.


The concept of contacting consumers directly to gather data concerning their habits and desires is nothing new. Market research companies have been conducting consumer surveys for the better part of a century, and their clients have used this data to refine their selling strategies to great effect. If there is a constant to this type of market research however, it’s that there isn’t one. The opinion of the average consumer is constantly shifting and evolving, and thus requires ongoing research in order to obtain the most useful data possible. 


In the past, conducting consumer marketing research was time-consuming and expensive. Market research companies used several means to obtain their data, the most prominent of which were mailed surveys and telephone interviews. Mailed surveys were extremely slow, and did not enjoy a very high participation rate. Collecting market data even for a relatively small coverage area could take months, and the number of actual responses collected generally made up only a small fraction of those sent out, meaning it was simply not a very efficient system. Telephone call centres were a little better. Developed in the middle of the 20th century, marketing research calls were much faster at data collection, but still terrifically expensive as they required a large number of human operators to make calls and conduct the surveys. All in all, companies that wished to have an ongoing picture of their target market were in for a frustrating and expensive endeavour.


Thankfully, you can now gain an accurate insight into your market without a massive waste of resources, and you can get this data faster than ever. ReachTEL uses tried-and-true methods of obtaining customer data like the telephone survey, email and SMS. However, we automate many of our tasks and can contact thousands of consumers every hour. Not only that, the automation means that our market research is surprisingly cost-effective. Thanks to a technologically advanced system, you no longer have an excuse for not keeping in touch with your consumers!