Online marketing is a field that has experienced an incredible amount of growth and diversification in an extremely short period of time. Many business owners and marketing professionals have felt somewhat left behind in the technology boom. While they may be technically adept, they’re at a loss as to how to maximise the efficiency of their marketing efforts online. This is common simply due to the fact that unlike print, television and radio, the Internet is not simply a new iteration of traditional media. It’s an entire marketing ecosystem with its own rules. One of the most essential Internet marketing tools is email, and with a few basic email marketing tips, you can craft a highly effective campaign that will connect with an entirely new audience.


One of the most essential email marketing tips is to focus your message and personalise it as much as possible. The ability to target different messages to different segments of your audience is one of email marketing’s most valuable attributes, and to ignore this feature is a waste. In traditional media advertising, marketers had little control over whom their message was targeting beyond the basic reader or viewer demographic of the media outlet in question. In addition, even when some degree of message customisation was possible—such as a young adult magazine versus one targeted toward senior citizens—customising advertisements was an expensive proposition requiring massive additional effort.  Now, you can create highly personalised and targeted messages that will reach specific demographics or market segments based on interest and location. It’s also extremely simple to automatically personalise messages with the recipient’s name, adding a human touch to your correspondence.


Another attribute of email marketing that makes it a highly desirable medium is its fast lead time. One of the best email marketing tips to take advantage of is to introduce a simple call-to-action in the body of your email like a hyperlink to your website that contains a special promotional offer. This way, you’re giving your audience a reason to respond to the message beyond simple promotion of your product or service, and giving yourself the opportunity to track these responses instantly.


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