Let’s face it. Nobody likes to get those envelopes in the mail stamped with “PAST DUE” in big, red letters for all the world to see. No one enjoys fielding those embarrassing phone calls at home or work. 


What many customers don’t realiSe is that you, the business owner, dislike having to chase your money even more. Or spending even more money to hire a debt collection agency—which may not have your company’s best interests at heart. Accounts receivable can cost you more than man-hours and headaches. The way information flies in the social media whirlwind, all it takes are a few negative reviews and your business has a black spot that’s nearly impossible to scrape off. 


ReachTEL can help you stay in contact with customers who disappear when the bill comes due, or are simply too embarrassed to pick up the phone. Let us customise our broad-based voice, SMS, and email broadcast platform to make sure your customers get the message—and make your bottom line happy.


How do we do this? 


  • Automation – Our integrated system is fully automated, and it’s smart. If the customer can’t be reached by one channel, it’ll default to another. 


  • Interaction – The system is interactive, allowing customers to resolve the issue with an email, a text or the press of a key. All without taking up your call centre personnel’s time—or sacrificing the customer’s dignity.


The system complies with all relevant privacy and disclosure laws, and we’ve added safeguards to ensure the customer’s private information stays that way. We’ll even send you a detailed report that will help you keep your customer contact records up to date.


So don’t spend time, money and “internet capital” being your own debt collection agency. Let ReachTEL do it for you with our unique accounts receivable solutions.