The allocation of marketing resources is one of the most essential parts of developing a successful marketing strategy. Understanding the effectiveness of the various means by which you reach your audience is key to developing a strategy that not only delivers results, but does so in the most efficient way possible. Because of its flexibility, broadcast marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re maximising the effectiveness of your marketing budget.


In order to efficiently reach the widest possible audience, ReachTEL offers several forms of broadcast marketing, each with its own unique advantages and abilities. Voice broadcasting is one of the areas in which we are most well known, and our system is highly adaptable for not only the delivery of marketing messages, but also consumer research as well. Our automated voice service can make thousands of calls instantly, and what happens when those calls are received is customisable according to your intended purposes. Our system detects whether a call is received by a live person or a voicemail system, and will react with a pre-programmed response—such as redirecting to a live operator, or playing a recorded voicemail message. We can also customise an automated button-press response system for purposes such as polling and market research.


Another area of broadcast marketing we specialise in is SMS broadcasting. Like voice broadcasting, SMS broadcasting can reach a very large audience instantly. The messages you can deliver through our system can be personalised, and even crafted to evoke a response from the recipient—paving the way for a new level of engagement. Along with SMS and voice broadcasting, we can design and implement email campaigns for all purposes. Email is the perfect compliment to these systems as it allows for a greater degree of customisation and the inclusion of longer messages as well as graphical content.


You want to get the most out of your marketing budget, and in today’s diverse marketplace, that means developing a multi-tiered strategy that reaches the widest possible audience. Contact us to find out how our unique combination of services can be tailored to deliver just the results you’re looking for.