Sales are the lifeblood of your business. Failed or declined transactions due to customers’ expired credit cards or otherwise incorrect payment information mean lost profits for you. How? Delayed payments decrease your ready cash flow. And your call center staff must spend valuable time repeatedly calling to update customer data, then even more time resubmitting requests for payment.


Integration at Your Customers’ Fingertips

ReachTEL has perfected a fully integrated direct debit payment solution to let your customers do the work for you, updating their payment information quickly and conveniently. It’s cost effective for you, and not only in terms of up-front cost; having correct information before you launch your next great product or service will result in smooth, seamless transactions.


  • Our flagship voice broadcast technology allows you to automatically call customers to update their payment details when you’re ready—not when your limited call centre staff has a free moment. All the customer has to do is press a few keys and they’re done.


  • In addition, our interactive SMS and email broadcast services let customers provide updated payment information instantly, without needing to speak to a live person—unless they want to.


With so many ways to contact customers, you’ll successfully update more customer data, and suffer fewer missed or delayed sales.


Once we set up your communications template with voice, SMS and email messages designed specifically for your company, we can have a batch of data ready for you in a matter of minutes. What’s more, we’ll design customized reports that you can easily download directly to your CRM or database.


Dollars to Cents

Here’s another way we save you money: low per-unit cost. Since we don’t charge you for unforeseen contact failures—such as a discontinued phone number—we can reduce your cost per update from dollars to literally cents.


Ready to learn more? Contact ReachTEL today to find out how our direct debit update services can benefit your business.