Individuals are inundated with real time communication efforts, including notifications and status updates from retail purchase points to social media outlets. Thanks to mobile devices, this communication platform is predominantly welcomed, not considered a nuisance. Developing revenue for your business through popular and effective business SMS messaging capabilities can be as simple as allowing us to provide your target market with a SMS broadcast that serves their needs, while diverting sales and revenue back to your company.


Developing a Successful Business SMS Broadcast

SMS is a highly focused and functional messaging system that targets individuals based on specific criteria. For example, if it is time for individuals to renew their memberships, a SMS broadcast will be sent to each group, prior to their membership expiration, without a single person in your office having to pick up a phone. The same is true for special offers, past due notifications, or any other update you might want. 


Business SMS is a perfect way to communicate with individuals who carry a mobile device, which is an increasingly growing market of its own. This includes SMS broadcasts that not only provide your audience with information, but allows them to respond to take advantage of enrolment opportunities or data verification. We customise your messages to deliver in a single, 160-character business SMS message, communicating effectively and succinctly. In addition, we provide you with the results of that business SMS broadcast, allowing you to measure its effectiveness directly, eliminating the guesswork from developing effective marketing campaigns. 


With messaging becoming a predominant means of communication, by employing business SMS broadcasts, you are providing a trustworthy approach to meeting your customer’s needs from a business standpoint. In addition, our company has developed partnerships with the mobile carriers, allowing us to determine if phone numbers are in use, and, if it is disconnected, immediately removing that number from your contact list. Lastly, you can employ our business SMS services without being locked into a contract, or requiring a minimum expenditure.