It's getting to that time of year when a lot of top-tier sports clubs start rolling out membership renewal campaigns. We have had quite a few years experience now with helping clubs retain and grow their member list. Boy how things have moved forward since our first campaign.

I must say - I'm a massive sports tragic. I'll happily watch anything with a score line and this time of the year for sports fans, September, would have to be like Christmas Day for a kid. AFL and NRL are getting to the pointy end of the season where the best of the best play off for a spot in the grand final. As each week goes by and more clubs have their season come to an end we all turn to next year. Depending on how the team went, clubs look to grow their membership base or at the very least, retain what they have already.

I remember a few years back when we decided to "dip our toes in the water" and put our voice broadcast technology to work with one of the top AFL teams. At the time they were struggling to get last years members to return renewal forms. I think there was three direct mail pieces (at significant cost) that went out and still a very large percentage of their members took no action. The club was getting desperate and turned to us to hit their base with a call from the club captain.

The response was...well, WOW. We flooded their call centre. They didn't have enough people to service all the renewing members. We very quickly slowed the campaign down as they ramped up the staffing levels. Overall, the campaign was a massive success. The club was so happy with the response they then went back and pulled expired members from the last three years and we called them as well.

It's a very compelling service - call your existing members with a message from your club captain or coach seeking their support for next season. Fans instantly recognise the name and voice and want to listen. We drop the customers who want to renew directly into your membership hotline. Fast, cheap and very effective.

I must admit - this service sells itself. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for any business and it's great to see clubs talking boasting about their results to their peers.