There is no question that data is the lifeblood of any businesses. With technology growing at such a rapid rate I still find it distressing to see businesses who don't invest in good data management policies and procedures. Of course the best practice is to ensure that only quality data enters your systems but that isn't always possible. It's the usual story - garbage in = garbage out.

For quite a while now we have been cleaning up lists that are sent to us before we run our marketing mojo over them. The biggest problems we come across is incorrectly or inconsistently formatted records. Second on the list would be duplicate records followed by simple typos.

So what do you do with this questionable data? Do you even bother trying to market to a list that is potentially a dud?

Thankfully all is not lost. Our many years of data manipulation has led to the development of a core set of data enhancement and validation tools. They are a handy bunch of services designed to enhance, error correct, de-duplicate and ultimately breath life into any sort of customer list.

We have processed what would be considered absolute junk data to pick out the quality records. Even knowing that a customer record is a dud can be valuable. You don't have to waste marketing resources on a customer that may never have had correct details or has moved. The small investment in data validation can reduce the number of invalid records to market to. It's a win for your financial outlay and significantly increases your potential for a positive ROI.

Good quality lists can often be enhanced with additional information to increase their value. One of our regular requests is to add a postal delivery point identifiers (DPID) to reduce AusPost mailing costs and ensure speedy delivery.

With these facilities available at such a low cost there really isn't an excuse to have poor quality records on file.