Text message or SMS broadcasting marketing campaigns are an increasingly effective way to reach your target market. It can be the perfect complementary strategy to email, voice or direct mail campaigns. For those businesses new to this form of communication, here are a few simple tips to implementing SMS marketing campaigns.


Short and easy calls-to-action are most effective

Businesses want to tell their customers all about themselves, no matter what form of communication they are using. Unfortunately, consumers do not always want a lot of explanation or even a lot of words. They respond far better to short, direct messages. SMS is traditionally a form of communication where short messages are sent from one mobile device to another, so a marketing message must be brief and succinct or recipients will not take the time to read it. Messages that require short response codes to opt-in or out or to take advantage of a promotion are typically the campaigns that work the best.


Privacy should still be considered

SMS campaigns work best when messages are being sent to recipients that actually wanted them. It is important to never buy lists of phone numbers to spam. Users almost always delete these types of messages; however, by having an opt-in system for current customers, businesses can maximize their ad dollars by sending messages to recipients that actually wanted to hear about promotions in the first place. Yes, this may make the task of getting your message out there seem harder but the results are worth the effort.


Make replies easy

When a message requires a reply for a company, it is important to not make people think. When people have to text back long messages to complete an action, they are more likely to give up or not even try at all. Stick with messages that require short replies such as texting one or two word phrases or a short numerical code back to the number. It is also important to include the corresponding letters for an SMS short code (i.e., “GREAT” instead of the numerical code 47328). This works well for smart phone or QWERTY keyboard users who may not always have the ability to dial numbers easily from a texting application.


These and other simple principles can make your SMS marketing campaigns successful as well as measureable. Just like with other types of advertising, making things as easy as possible for recipients will generate more conversions. As always, you can give the ReachTEL campaign team a call to leverage their extensive experience to get the best results for your campaign.