SMS broadcast software is an essential tool for businesses looking to reach a modern, diverse and purchasing audience. Mobile marketing and text messaging have become the driving force in advertising and sales, and SMS broadcast software is the technology necessary to succeed in these types of initiatives. Here are four of the top reasons to use SMS marketing campaigns to drive business.


  1. Unlimited Creative Potential. Research has proven that targeted audiences want valuable content that will make a difference in converting them from shoppers to buyers. The technology is available to ensure that highly-branded messages are getting out and reaching the largest audience possible. Text alerts, mobile polling, online fan clubs, fundraising, and instant alerts can all be utilized in these advanced initiatives.


  2. Everyone’s Doing It. Text and mobile advertising strategies are necessary, based on statistics alone. Three billion people use text messaging—that’s double the number of people online. Three and a half billion text messages are sent and received every day. According to a 2010 Response Rate Trend Report by the Direct Marketing Association, 99 percent of text messages are opened, which is a larger percentage than the number of emails that are opened. Fifty-seven percent of cell phone users utilise their SMS service regularly.


  3. Personalised Messages. More than any other medium, SMS broadcasting has the potential to create a personal conversation between a company and a potential customer. As soon as that personal conversation becomes spammy or unwanted, your chance is shot. If you use an opt-in approach, you are able to target specific customers, preferably ones who have already expressed an interest in your products, and response rates are increased.


  4. Speedy Integration. These promotions are fast and easy to integrate. There is no speedier way to deliver a message; everything happens in real time. This type of communication is built to be integrated into a mass of other portals. Digital advertising, social networking applications, email blasts and even traditional media can be incorporated into, or complemented by SMS marketing campaigns.


The potential of this technology is endless. Among the flood of tablets, smart phones, mobile coupons and attention-grabbing apps, SMS marketing campaigns can reach an unprecedented audience. The business climate is such that ignoring this essential opportunity would be impossible for any marketing or advertising campaign hoping to succeed.