Apple Computers always seems to have another ace up its sleeve. The company rocked the mobile communications industry with the introduction of the iPhone and is once again making waves with its newest revolutionary device—the iPad. Many people wonder how this device and other business tablet PC devices will be integrated into the work force and if they will replace the long-lived laptop. While business tablet PCs may not replace laptops completely, they are useful for a variety of tasks such as accessing customer relationship management systems.

Functionality is the main reason that tablets may not replace laptops any time soon. The iPad for instance is a very useful device for many reasons; however, it lacks some of the basic hardware that is standard on even the cheapest laptops. USB, CD-ROM, COM and other types of ports are non-existent on the popular new gadget, which makes replacing a laptop unlikely. Many users may be able to do without a physical keyboard if need be, but not having the basic functionality of common drives and ports leaves business professionals at a disadvantage.

Customer record management (CRM) integration and other forms of information access, however, can be achieved on a tablet just as easily as they can on a laptop. Entrepreneurs who utilise these systems to manage customers can gain an advantage in the business world by using devices with built-in mobile technology, such as the ability to connect to 3G or other networks anywhere in the world. Shedding the weight and sometimes cumbersome aspects of a laptop is also a huge benefit. Developers are coming out with innovative applications such as mobile printing, push email notifications and cutting-edge security features that make tablet PCs very attractive.

The combination of new device technology such as business tablet PCs and a sound IT strategy can make any company or business professional a leader in their industry. ReachTEL provides CRM integration as well as IT strategy and design services. We focus on helping businesses organise and utilise the information that they gather about customers and other aspects of business. Our cost-effective solutions and variety of ancillary services such as device setup and support, disaster/recovery planning of IT systems, web hosting and many other IT related services help businesses maximise productivity.

Although the new computing devices on the market are making businesses think about how they use technology, they may not completely replace laptops in the short run. They still lack much of the functionality that comes with basic mobile computing devices. These devices are being used for a variety of information-based applications, for which they are very effective. These in combination with a good IT strategy from ReachTEL will ensure that businesses have all the tools they need to succeed in a world now run by computers and mobile devices.