Marketers taking to the web for the first time with email campaigns are often not experienced enough to make this strategy work. Simply gathering email addresses and sending out a mass message is not a well-crafted plan and will probably be dismantled by spam-blocking systems. Just because a business sends out emails to hundreds or thousands of email addresses that it has on file does not mean the people at the other end receive it. Email marketing tools require precision and experience, as do email newsletter services.

ReachTEL provides email newsletter services and email marketing tools, among other services. We have the knowledge and tools to ensure that your message gets to its recipients and gets noticed. ReachTEL assists clients in generating attractive email campaign designs and has an array of campaign-reporting mechanisms to determine how effective a particular marketing endeavour is.

When a business markets in a more conventional way by sending out mass mailings, it typically follows up with a phone call or other type of contact referencing the original message. With email marketing tools, if a recipient clicks on a link within a message, this is the same as calling a person back that has sent marketing materials to your home. If a user does not see relevant content, they will not stay at a website for long. Many marketers make the mistake of not putting content on their website that is relevant to the marketing materials or eNewsletters that they have sent out. ReachTEL specializes in connecting consumers with the information they are looking for.

It is easy for companies to get so caught up in generating a good email marketing campaign that they forget to put tools in place to track their success. In traditional marketing through mail or other media, it can be incredibly difficult to track who sees your ads and how they are affected. With email marketing campaigns, links can easily be inserted into email messages to direct traffic to a specific landing page, where it can be tracked. This directly determines your ad's ability to grab a user and drive them to your site.

ReachTEL does eNewsletters the right way and can help businesses maximize their online marketing budgets. Novice web marketers make the common mistake of putting together bland email campaigns that are easily caught by spam protection software. Still others may not have the necessary expertise or software to create attractive email campaigns. Simple tricks like including links in emails can help companies track the progress of their online ad campaigns.