Even with the widespread popularity of text messaging, not many businesses fully grasp the benefits of SMS marketing campaigns. Done correctly, this type of business-to-customer communication can be very effective, as well as generate huge cost savings. Of course someone could tell you how great it is until they are blue in the face and you would still be thinking, ‘Where is the proof?’.

Australia isn't generally thought of as a technology leader and often we look to places like the United States and Europe to read the current marketing trends. Below are some examples of companies that have utilised SMS marketing campaigns with much success overseas. These results can easily be replicated for our local Australian market and business conditions.

Casinos in the United States have long looked for quick and easy ways to get new customers in the door and keep them playing. The new Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino located stateside on the Las Vegas, Nevada strip is no exception. The resort has over 3 acres of gaming floor with tables, poker, slots, and even sports betting. It boasts 2,500 suites at the hotel and over 170 stores for shopping. The company was looking for a way to get new customers into its gaming facility and add to its A-list Players Club rewards program. Planet Hollywood wanted a campaign that was inexpensive, could be implemented quickly and that was very effective. The hotel chose to go with an SMS campaign that offered prizes like $10 in free slots play, which had a 70% success rate. The hotel was able to increase its A-list Player’s Club membership by 13.5%.

Management may not believe that their target demographic will respond well to SMS campaigns; however, this next example may change their minds. Ashley Furniture, a national U.S. brand of mid- to high-end furniture sales successfully implemented SMS marketing campaigns for its products and sales that it had been promoting. The uptick in business was so successful that the company later carried out another campaign. This time it let customers know about an exclusive “secret sale” that was only broadcast to people through SMS. The company reported that this particular campaign helped them generate $30,000 (USD) in just one day. Throughout this entire Secret Sale campaign, it was determined that SMS campaign efforts accounted for almost 62% (over $85,000 USD) of total revenue brought in.

If you were wondering how effective SMS marketing campaigns were at bringing in business, the proof is in the numbers. When well-planned and thoughtfully carried out, SMS is a highly effective and lucrative advertising strategy. It also has a much lower cost than traditional methods of television, radio and direct mail. As seen in the cases above, there are many opportunities to be creative with how your customers receive their texts.