It's been a very busy period for ReachTEL and tonight marks the culmination of a long polling campaign. In the past few weeks alone, we have placed literally millions of phone calls asking the people of New South Wales who they intend to vote for. With the big day just hours away, we wish all our clients the best of luck (though with our market research at hand, they already know the result!).

2010 was a breakout year for our ReachTEL Market Research platform. People were sceptical about the accuracy of the platform and we set out to prove ourselves - and did we what. We publicaly published polling for the South Australian state election, Victorian state election and of course the Federal Election where we managed to correctly pick eight out of the nine key Federal electorates which included two stunning upsets in the seats of Brisbane and Bowman. You can read more about that here.

We will again publicaly release the results of three key New South Wales electorates to demonstrate the speed and accuracy of the market research platform. The polling results below were compiled in just over 90 minutes with the final audited results available a mere 30 minutes later. In that two hours, we managed to survey over 1,300 voters across the three electorates. When compared to our competitors, this cannot be matched. 

To ensure validity and timeliness of our results we will be posting these results to Twitter so they can't be fudged later on. After all, it's easy to call the election after it's been run! You can follow us on our Twitter account @ReachTEL.



Primary Vote

 Candidate  Party
 4.2% Clinton MEAD Outdoor Recreation Party
 3.6% Chris DALTON Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
 58.3% Jai ROWELL Liberal
 3.6% Jess DI BLASIO The Greens
 21.2% Phil COSTA Country Labor




Primary Vote

Candidate Party
5.1% Danica SAJN The Greens
Chris PATTERSON Liberal
4.5% Domenic ZAPPIA Family First
23.2% Geoff CORRIGAN Labor
 6.1% Colin BROADBRIDGE Christian Democratic Party



Lake Macquarie

Primary Vote

Candidate Party
7.2% Charmian ECKERSLEY The Greens
29.5% John McDONALD Liberal
3.5% Kim GRITTIN Christian Democratic Party
16.8% Marcus MARIANI Labor


So there it is. If you are interested in running a political poll or general market research simply pick up the phone and talk to one of our analyists.