For many businesses, the balance between the value of qualitative data and the cost to acquire it can be difficult to maintain. Naturally an organisation will be more successful the more it knows about its market; however, increased knowledge means increased cost. Companies can compensate for this, though, by researching a greater amount of potential customers in less time. With voice broadcast services, companies can get quality quantitative market research for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Voice and message broadcasting from ReachTEL can reach thousands of potential customers at once, all while producing actionable information and customer conversion. Short or long messages can be delivered to recipients even faster than email marketing. Messages can be personalized and tailored to market demographics and voice broadcast technology has advanced to the point where live statistics can be generated as a campaign is running. These are all opportunities that simply do not exist with conventional forms of communication.

ReachTEL can help business gather loads of information that can be acted upon in a short period of time. Time is often the most valuable part of the equation when it comes to gathering market data. When data is gathered too slowly, information can expire before it becomes actionable. Voice broadcasting can reach more people much more quickly than other methods. Data that is delivered quickly can be acted upon while it remains valid, thereby making companies more profitable.

The fast-paced business world of today pushes companies to spend more money on gathering valuable market information. To be actionable, that information must be detailed and acquired quickly or organisations risk losing market share. Voice broadcasting is an excellent way to get a large volume of information without increasing marketing budgets. ReachTEL’s voice broadcast services helps companies get the data they need to be successful in their respective markets at a fraction of the cost of traditional communications.