The Facebook phenomenon appears to only be growing stronger as the months pass on. In 2010, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder) was named Time’s Person of the Year, and Facebook surpassed 500 million users worldwide, transforming the free consumer service into one of the newest and most influential advertising opportunities. Companies can no longer ignore the influence social media has on the buying habits of consumers, and many have taken advantage of this trend by advertising on popular social and professional networking sites.

While it is debatable how many of those users actually access Facebook on a regular basis, the numbers are still astounding. The ability to integrate with social media marketing tools, along with the networking opportunities these sites present for companies, makes the social network landscape very appealing for marketers. Conveniently, the target market for most social media marketing tools tends to overlap with the audience for SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS broadcast marketing campaigns have been proven to be very effective at reaching their demographics. Many of the same people that use Facebook and other social media sites are also avid texters. ReachTEL specialises in SMS marketing campaigns. SMS marketing involves sending out short, tailored messages to many mobile devices at once. Messages can be designed to elicit a quick response and can be specifically customized to communicate with a target audience. A notable advantage of ReachTEL’s SMS campaigns is our focus on full-circle communication. Not only can advertisers send a message to thousands of their target market at one time, support for two-way communication and response is also available. As we have learnt with Facebook, it’s all about engagement with your audience.

Social networks have grown rapidly over the past few years, as revolutionary new companies gather millions of users. Businesses all over the globe are quickly jumping on this bandwagon of newfound advertising opportunities. Many members of social networks are also users of cutting-edge mobile devices, which presents a unique opportunity to communicate with them. ReachTEL serves customers all over Australia with effective SMS marketing campaigns, among other services. We find innovative ways of reaching new demographics with emerging technologies.