For business owners just starting their online marketing efforts, the internet can seem very daunting. Should a company do search marketing, article marketing, placement advertising on specific pages through banner ads or some combination of them? Is email marketing more effective or is the ROI just as high with other methods? The list of questions could be endless; that’s why ReachTEL provides small business email marketing help for beginners. E-marketing is still one of the cheapest forms of online advertising and has the potential to reach huge segments of a target market with relatively little expense.

Small business email marketing can help your company grow its customer base using tailored messages. Messages can be highly detailed in nature, with the name of the recipient as well as other detailed information about them as a current customer. Alternatively, a more general campaign can be launched toward a market that may not be your customers. Links to landing pages can be included in email campaigns so that your company can feature specific products or services. Promotional or coupon codes are another potential strategy for drawing in customers. Take some of the money you would have been spending on postage for a direct mail campaign and put it towards an online email blast—it’s quicker, more effective, and better for the environment!

Lead time is greatly reduced with e-marketing campaigns. ReachTEL can construct custom email messages in no time, which can be instantly sent to hundreds or thousands of recipients. This is in contrast to direct mail campaigns, which can take dozens of hours of folding, stuffing, printing and/or other tasks involved in preparing a direct mail campaign. Postage alone can run into the thousands of dollars if the company is mailing to a large market.

Advertising on the internet is the new standard and companies that have never done it before can easily be overwhelmed. Fortunately ReachTEL helps entrepreneurs design small business email marketing campaigns to reach current and potential customers. Messages can be tailored to the audience and sent instantly.