More than most fields, the area of marketing is prone to endless inventions and reinventions of trends—each of which is breathlessly promised to be the “next big thing.” Of course, experience marketers know that all marketing is based upon some tried and true concepts that are as unlikely to change as human nature itself. However, that doesn’t mean new trends ought to be ignored. Though they may not represent a major paradigm shift that will shock to the core your years of marketing experience, new trends can often be used to tap into some new—often technology driven—way of connecting with the consumer. One of the hottest and newest marketing trends today is “gamification,” the idea that marketing can be turned into a fun and interactive experience to the consumer, in turn boosting their engagement. The recent trend of gamification is tied to mobile technology, making it an ideal fit for SMS marketing campaigns.


Essentially, gamification means creating a highly entertaining and interactive product that will engage consumers while delivering a marketing message. Apps like Foursquare have pushed this concept to the cutting edge of technology-driven marketing, by enticing users to participate in a fun system that plays like a game, but delivers advertising and promotes buying activities. It’s a unique entrance into the sales funnel that can capture an entirely new generation’s attention. Gamification fits well with SMS marketing campaigns as well thanks to the fact that both are built on mobile technology and positioned for maximum impact.


How you choose to design one of these SMS marketing campaigns is up to you—there is a myriad of options you can use to tailor the experience to your specific product or service. It could be as simple as sending out codes via SMS that unlock special promotions, or even made more interactive—requiring responses from customers that earn them rewards for participation. ReachTEL’s SMS broadcasting services are extremely well-suited to this sort of mass SMS interaction, and can be used to craft a highly engaging and effective campaign.